World Doula Week

From March 22 through to March 28 we get to celebrate Doulas and all the wonderful work that they do. We have many Doulas in our network – the job of a Placenta Specialist goes hand in hand with the work of a doula. Here are a handful of ways in which a doula could support you during your pregnancy, birth and postnatal period.

Many Doulas offer antenatal sessions, which are bespoke to the client that they are working with. Doulas are experienced in various birth scenarios, including (but not limited to) vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC), water birth, c-birth, multiples, breech birth, home birth and hospital birth.

Hypnotherapy, aromatherapy, massage, reflexology, coffee dates and support at clinical appointments are all things that may be available from a Doula and help to support the relationship between client and birth worker.

During birth your Doula will support you in your choices and be there physically and emotionally for you and your family. Most doulas will be on call for your birth from around 36 weeks.

Postnatally the trained support you can receive from a Doula can range from feeding support through to closing the bones ceremonies and placenta encapsulation. But your Doula is also there to help with anything that you believe will support you in becoming a more confident parent.

Birth workers are great at sign posting their local services, if you are having placenta remedies and want to look into doula services, reach out to your Placenta Specialist to ask for recommendations. Likewise, if you have a doula booked to support you, ask them which Placenta Specialist they recommend.

Find your local Placenta Specialist here

Topics that are up for discussion during World Doula Week –

  • Day 1 – Doulas make a difference
  • Day 2 – Pregnancy
  • Day 3 – Labour & Birth
  • Day 4 – Partners
  • Day 5 – Lactation
  • Day 6 – Postpartum
  • Day 7 – How do YOU make a difference

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