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Covering London, Kent, Essex, East Sussex and Surrey. Placenta Care provide each client a premium chiller kit free of charge, this contains everything required to ensure the placenta is stored below critical temperatures until collection. I am the closest specialist to PRUH and Darent Valley hospitals.

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Hello! I’m Sophie, proud mummy to a beautiful little boy, and a fully qualified and insured IPEN Placenta Remedies Specialist and the founder of Placenta Care.

I first discovered placenta remedies whilst pregnant, and was so delighted by the many benefits that I have experienced from them that I wanted to share this amazing experience with other mothers for their recovery period. There is so much emphasis on the pregnancy and birth, but I strongly believe post-natal recovery is fundamental.

My story: Following a chance conversation about encapsulation with a friend during my pregnancy, I wanted to find out how my baby’s placenta could benefit me and contacted a local remedies specialist.

My mother suffered with post-natal depression and I wanted to do all I could to avoid becoming unwell myself after my baby’s birth.

My chosen remedies were placenta pills, plus a placenta tincture, which was an absolute godsend for balancing my hormones once my periods returned. A tincture will last indefinitely so will see you through, even up to the menopause! It’s also a fantastic remedy to use when your pills have run out and you are feeling fatigued or emotional.

My experience: Once taking my placenta pills my milk supply was quickly in abundance, and I had a very hungry newborn! My postpartum bleed lasted only a fortnight, and I felt serene and full of energy (incredible considering breast feeding commitments being every couple of hours, day and night).

I would thoroughly recommend this therapy for the following benefits:

1 Increased energy levels
2 Reduced postpartum bleed
3 Increased milk supply
4 Hormonal balance

For more information on any remedies and special keepsakes I can create for you, please do drop me a line, I would love to chat with you.


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