Sally Cropper

  Approved by: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Brighton & Hove City Council with maximum 5 star hygiene rating

Country: United Kingdom
Area of the country: East Sussex, England, West Sussex

Placenta encapsulation specialist based in Brighton & Hove, preparing placenta capsules and other remedies since January 2010 for over 1000 new mums and now fully approved by Brighton & Hove Environmental Health. I cover all of East, West and Mid Sussex. I have a long-standing relationship with midwifery teams at Royal Sussex County Hospital Brighton, Princess Royal Hayward’s Heath, Worthing and of course home birthers throughout Sussex.

Offering Information and Advice on:
Placenta Encapsulation, Placenta Essence, Placenta Homeopathic Remedy, Placenta Printing, Placenta Tinctures, Simple Placenta Capsules, Steamed Placenta Capsules

Other services: Breastfeeding Support, Doula Services

More information

Back in 2008 as a birth doula, I came across encapsulation whilst exploring ways of minimising the risk of PND for a client with a history of anxiety and depression. Not only did this new mum completely avoid hormonal imbalance in the immediate postnatal period, but longer term her medication was reduced and her emotional wellbeing improved dramatically. Seeing first-hand what a difference her placenta made to her led me to be passionate about as many new mums as possible benefiting from their precious and unique placentas to aid and accelerate their emotional and physical postbirth recovery.

Skills & Experience

One of the first UK placenta specialists and previously an IPEN trainer with over 100 graduates, I have encapsulated over 1,000 placentas so far with overwhelmingly positive results. As well as placenta pills, I am able to prepare a broad range of placenta remedies for new mothers and babies including essences, tinctures and homeopathic remedies. Please see my website for more information.

I am also an experienced birth & postnatal doula and breastfeeding peer supporter, so well known and respected within midwifery teams across Sussex who are familiar with me, the service I offer and are very supportive of new parent’s wishes.

I am a founder member of Placenta Remedies Network and was Chair for the first 3 years, now sitting on the PRN Committee as Treasurer.

I have a great deal of knowledge and experience with placenta remedies which I am happy to share if you’re unsure on your choice of remedies or have any questions. Just get in touch!

Training & Certification

Trained and certified with Koala Therapies (now IPEN) February 2010.
Trainer with IPEN from March 2014 to May 2018.

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