Ruth Willis

  Approved by: Gateshead EHO 5 Star hygiene rating

I cover the North East of England and surrounding areas. If you live further a field, and would like to have your placenta encapsulated, then please do get in touch as I’m sure we can work something out. I also run IPEN Placenta Specialist training (see main IPEN website for training dates) I am registered and regularly inspected by Gateshead Environmental Health Officers. I have a 5 star rating for hygiene and food safety.

Offering Information and Advice on:
Placenta Encapsulation, Placenta Essence, Placenta Homeopathic Remedy, Placenta Printing, Placenta Tinctures, Simple Placenta Capsules, Steamed Placenta Capsules

Other services: Antenatal Education, Breastfeeding Support, Doula Services, Massage

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Many years ago, I was with a friend who was birthing her twins in her yurt in Spain, far up the mountain without any medical assistance. The twins were born safe and well, but the mum was bleeding heavily. We tried everything we could think of from tinctures of Shepherds Purse to drinking her blood mixed with water, but nothing was stemming the flow. A little voice inside me was saying “She should eat her placenta!” but I was young and needed a bit more courage to say it! Just as I thought it, another friend who was also there, said “She should eat her placenta!” The mother agreed to do it, and so I jumped to it and I lightly fried up a piece of it for her. Within 10 minutes, her bleeding had all but stopped and the colour had returned to her cheeks. From that moment, I was convinced of the healing properties of the placenta.

Since that birth, I have been studying the placenta and how women can benefit postnatally from consuming it. My confidence has grown, and I now have a lot of experience supporting women during their births, both at home and in the hospital. I have been preparing placenta capsules for women for the past couple of years, but have recently trained with IPEN. I am now able to offer much wider service.



I just had my fourth baby and for the first time I kept my placenta. Ruth dried and encapsulated it for me. I also received a beautiful placenta print and cord keepsake. It was a wonderful package to enjoy alongside the capsules which fortified my energy and health in those early weeks with my newborn. I have suffered from postnatal depression previously and was worried about relapsing…I feel the capsules helped me to be emotionally connected and resilient, with an overall sense of balance. I wholeheartedly endorse doing this!! (Rima)



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