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  Approved by: London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham
Country: United Kingdom
Area of the country: Hampshire, London South, London West, Surrey
More about local areas covered:

I cover Central, South and West London, based within a few minutes walk of Chelsea Westminster Hospital where I am a doula working on the Birth centre.......Happy to accept last minute bookings for encapsulation ( it's never too late to organise it) and post natal doula sessions especially if you've realised you need some support only after baby has arrived! Call me on 07752186167

Offering Information and Advice on:
Placenta Encapsulation, Placenta Homeopathic Remedy, Placenta Printing, Placenta Smoothies, Placenta Tinctures, Simple Placenta Capsules, Steamed Placenta Capsules

Other services: Breastfeeding Support, Doula Services

More information

Birth isn’t always a breeze so helping women make the most of those first few weeks with their placentas is a real privilege.

I am a mother of four and have been working as a birth and post-natal doula since 1999. Back then I was involved in setting up Doula UK as a support network for the growing number of UK  doulas and for several years was an active member of Birth Companions who supported pregnant women in Holloway Prison.
My first daughter was born at home with an Independent Midwife, my second daughter at home with the GP practice Midwife and my twin daughter and son in hospital with hospital Midwives.  My GP was my “doula” for all three births and an inspiration in “hands-off” care.

All were such positive, natural events with the  NHS at its best on every occasion that I became a doula in order to try and make a difference to the birthing experiences of a younger generation. As well as private postnatal doula support I regularly work in Chelsea Westminster Hospital ,  one of the doulas based in the Birth Centre.

Always feeling a little sad at the births I supported when the placenta wasn’t honoured but  sent for waste  I was one of the very first  placenta specialists to train  with Koala Therapies ( IPEN) in November 2009 and have observed what a difference it has made to new mothers  being able to consume their placenta in a palatable form.

There is much more detail about me and my services on my website at   Please take a look and I am happy to answer any questions you may have by phone or email.

If you find yourself in need of some support after the birth I’m happy to undertake last minute ad hoc postnatal support if I have availability.

Doula clients and repeat encapsulation clients benefit from a discounted encapsulation rate as do Doula UK Access Fund clients.  I’m happy to discuss staged payments for encapsulation.

Skills & Experience

My encapsulation services have now helped over 800 women benefit from their placentas and I hope the feedback provided from these clients will in time give rise to statistical evidence of the placentas efficacy as “God’s first convenience food”

I’ve encapsulated for mothers who have had perfectly straightforward physiological births, planned and emergency Caesarians and placentas from twin births. Every single placenta is different and fascinating to work with. I will supply photos of it if you ask.  I’m becoming more adept at creating prints of the placenta and our in-house homeopath can get remedies to you in usually under a week;  the tincture can last a lifetime. I am a Leiths trained professional cook and hold certificates in Food Hygiene for Manufacturing,  Blood Born Pathogens Control and Early Years First Aid and work to a HACCP system in my placenta preparation.

I’m happy to respond to last-minute placenta and postnatal doula enquiries.

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