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Limerick, Mid-West Region Ireland

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My name is Helen Frawley and I live in Limerick City. I am a registered midwife with over thirty years experience in the profession, and a placenta remedies specialist. Having a baby is a truly special time in a woman’s life and the healing benefits of the placenta have been documented for hundreds of years. I truly believe in its ability to nourish a mother post-delivery. My only regret is that placenta remedies were not an option when I had my children!

I became interested in placenta encapsulation when my own daughter was expecting her first baby. After doing some research, I decided to do the placenta remedies course with IPEN as I wanted to give this very special gift to my daughter. I became so interested in placenta remedies that I am now doing it on a full-time basis. I have a purpose built remedies kitchen, where every remedy is prepared to the highest standard. I offer a discreet and reliable service, and each placenta is accompanied by full documentation from start to finish. I will collect your placenta from the hospital or from your home, and deliver your capsules to you as soon as possible, in person or by courier.
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