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  Approved by: South Cambridge County Council
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I am 10 minutes drive from Cambridge's Addenbrooks Hospital, and cover all of Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire as local. I have another base near Windsor, Berkshire allowing me to reach clients' homes refreshed and closer to London and the West.

Offering Information and Advice on:
Placenta Encapsulation, Placenta Essence, Placenta Homeopathic Remedy, Placenta Printing, Placenta Smoothies, Placenta Tinctures, Simple Placenta Capsules, Steamed Placenta Capsules

Other services: Reiki

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Hello I am Penny from Balance & Root in Cambridge which offers a comprehensive in-home service to bring you all the benefits your placenta holds, just as nature intended you to have.

At special request I can also work happily and peacefully within the client’s home which has a reassuring effect on families knowing the placenta is still so close to mother and baby.  I aim to provide remedies within 3 days of birth but usually you’ll only wait 24hrs to have your first capsule.

I have a 5 star food rating by South Cambs Environmental Heath. Fully insured, IPEN Trained, holding current certificates in Food Safety, HACCP and Infection Control, as well as Coronavirus Training for the workplace.

Reiki Level II Practitioner and more than happy to incorporate a blissful treatment during a visit – just ask away!

Lotus birth bags available upon request, please see website for details as well as personal Baltik amber.

Having had both my children in New York, at first I had no option to keep my placenta and the effects of postnatal depression were brutal as well as life-changing.   For my second child born 2012 I had to find all alternative means to help me combat postnatal recovery given my history. I  triumphed encapsulating my own placenta and I now help other mothers who are looking for ways to manage those first few weeks.

I can personally testify from taking my own placenta capsules I didn’t experience those feelings of detachment, lack of focus, overwhelm, anxiety and depression as I struggled with the first time.   Consuming my placenta, also provided me with an abundance of milk unlike when I first became a mum. I tried so hard the first time, but I didn’t even have success when consulting a lactation consultant. With the experience of consuming my placenta the second time, I became that carefree breastfeeder I had always hoped to have been, without enlisting professional help and was able to enjoy two years of breastfeeding my son while keeping up with my eldest child.

My story is a familiar one to so many other placenta remedies specialists.  I changed career paths and said goodbye to a good salary but having seen the difference for myself I love to to help others feel balanced again with placenta remedies with the blessing of my husband who is a molecular biologist who is also a big supporter with what I am doing having witnessed the differences in both my birth recoveries.

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