Social Media & Forum Guidelines

PRN has developed these guidelines to support positive interactions between our membership and the public about placenta remedies. We aim to protect resources that are available only to subscribing members, to maintain client confidentiality and to ensure consistent official communications from PRN on key topics. These guidelines are intended to be helpful to individual members and to further our shared goal in the growth of placenta remedies.

A Placenta Remedy Specialist who is a member of PRN

  • Is encouraged to link in with all official PRN social media outlets – currently Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and blog.
  • Is encouraged to share or forward official articles, posts or materials generated and made publicly available by PRN via social media.
  • Is encouraged to share or forward positive articles and posts about PRN that are generated by a third party.
  • Is encouraged to have a personal and/or placenta remedy specialist related blog, Twitter handle, Facebook page and/or Instagram account, but not to discuss PRN business which is not in the public domain.
  • Is encouraged to contribute to the PRN online forum, currently a secret Facebook group.
  • Is expected to communicate with PRN colleagues via the online forum with respect at all times and not in a way that could ever cause offence.
  • Is asked not to post any content that looks, feels, sounds like or could be mistaken for an official PRN statement on any social media.
  • Is asked not to discuss any non-public or confidential information about PRN or any of its members on social media.
  • Is asked not to respond to or comment on posts about PRN that are made by bloggers, reporters, customers or the general public on official PRN social media outlets or on third-party sites, even if such posts are inaccurate or critical of the organisation. The Social Media committee member will respond accordingly.
  • Is asked not to participate in developing any Wikipedia content concerning PRN
  • Is asked not to discuss clients or matters relating to them on any public facing social media outlet whether personal or placenta remedy specialist related without the express permission of the client.
  • Is asked not to forward or post any internal communications, including emails, blogs, memos or any documents posted on the PRN online forum.
  • Understands that any breach of these guidelines may be subject to the PRN disciplinary procedure.

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