PRN Expands Accreditation of Training Providers

Placenta Remedies Network is really pleased to announce PR|SM Placenta Remedies Support & Mentoring joins PRN as an accredited training provider.

PR|SM Placenta Training provides practical training and ongoing support and mentoring for placenta remedy service providers in the UK and beyond. PR|SM was founded by Carly Lewis and Nikki Mather and launched on 1st October 2018.

Graduates from PR|SM will now be eligible to join PRN’s community of highly skilled placenta remedies specialists, providing exceptional services to new parents in their communities.

The path to accreditation is lengthy and detailed, which ensures all PRN members are educated and updated in offering their services to a gold standard. In turn, this ensures that new parents engaging a PRN member to support them in benefiting from their placenta can be assured they’re engaging a specialist operating to the highest standard.

For information on accreditation with PRN, please email our team on

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