Guide for Expectant Parents

Preparing For Your Placenta Encapsulation

Things to Note….



There is an enormous amount of information available on the Placenta Remedies Network (PRN) website, have a read through to ensure that you make an informed decision and are fully prepared on how your placenta can be processed.

Remedies Available

There are so many remedies that can be made from your placenta – you can have one or two, or all of them. Make sure that you read through and choose the ones that you believe will work for you. Keep in mind that some remedies are for the short term and some are for a longer period of support.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

  • Is it safe?
  • Which remedies should I choose?
  • How does the process work and how long does it take?
  • What if things don’t go to plan?
  • Are there any circumstances when my placenta cannot be used?
  • Have any side effects been reported?

This section answers these and many more questions you may have.

Your birth partner may also find this section useful as it outlines how they can support you and ensure that your birthing team store your placenta correctly and contact your placenta specialist when it is ready to be collected.

You can find our DISCLAIMER online too which explains the scope of our website and the limits of advice offered on our site.


Why should I book a placenta specialist listed with PRN?

Professionally Trained – We are highly skilled, having received practical and theory training. We hold a Certificate in Placenta Remedy Preparation from an accredited training provider, along with valid certificates for Infection Control, Food Hygiene and Hazard Analysis (HACCP). Many of us are involved in the birth world as midwives, doulas and other holistic therapists

Quality Equipment – We use high quality equipment to ensure you receive as many nutrients from your placenta as possible.

Health and Safety – Our training ensures we deliver a safe and quality product to every client. We adhere to government health, safety and food hygiene regulations and many of us are approved by environmental health. Our equipment is cleaned and disinfected between clients and designated for the preparation of placenta remedies.

Sympathetic and Understanding – We focus on expectant parents to ensure your placenta encapsulation is simple and stress free.


Making a booking:

You can find your local placenta specialist by entering your postcode on PRN’s

‘Find a Specialist’ tab


Read through the profiles of your local specialists, make contact, ask any questions that you may have and they will explain their booking process.

Ensure you read the Terms and Conditions of service carefully, before signing and returning your booking form to your specialist.

Most specialists supply you with the documentation you need for your birth notes (Container label, Placenta Care (for midwives), Safe Storage Guidelines and Placenta Release Form), or they email them to you for printing. Read everything carefully and ask any questions that you may have.


Supplies needed:

Most specialists provide a Safe Storage Pack as part of their service, but if they don’t you will need to have available the following:

  • Food storage bag – new, water-tight.
  • Labelled container – 1.5-2 litre capacity with lid, either new or cleaned with hot soapy water.
  • Ice blocks – enough to fill 10% of the volume of your cooler bag (example: if your cooler bag is 16 litres, you need 1.6 litres in ice packs, which is 4 x the standard 400ml blocks).
  • Insulated cool bag or box – good quality and large enough to store the above – 16 litres is a perfect size, but remember the bigger you go the more ice blocks you’ll need.
  • Liner bag to protect your cool bag and ensure the ice blocks remain in tight contact with the container.


So when you’re ready, find your local placenta specialist by entering your postcode on PRN’s ‘Find a Specialist’ tab

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