Placenta Printing

PLACENTA-PRINTING-226x300Placenta Printing is a magical and artistic way to capture the form and shape of the placenta in all its mystery for a lifetime.
Below are some placenta prints made by IPEN Certified Specialists in recent months.  It’s important to use a high quality absorbent paper, similar to that which would be used for water colour painting.  Natural coloured paper gives the print an earthy feel and blends nicely with the rich colour of placental blood.  Dabbing the fetal side of the placenta with kitchen roll/paper towel will help you reach a finely tuned print showing the true structure and maze of vessels and the beautiful spiral of cord.

If possible, do not rinse the placenta in water before making your print.  Water will cause your print to be less defined.

*We advise you do not use paints when making placenta prints if you plan on encapsulating or making any remedies with your placenta


Information provided by IPEN Placenta Network, Professional Training in Placenta Services

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