Meet our new member, Ali of Pure Placenta UK

Welcome to a new member of the Placenta Remedies Network, Ali Dibbens. Ali, based in Bournemouth, runs Pure Placenta UK and specialises in offering placenta remedies after birth.

Ali Dibbens of Pure Placenta UK
Ali Dibbens of Pure Placenta UK

“I had my placenta made into capsules, after it was recommended by a family member and then researched all the vital health benefits it can provide to a new mum.” 

At PRN we are always keen to know about our members’ businesses; what makes a Specialist want to join the Network; what support they are looking for from the group and what they’re looking forward to within the Network.

1) How did you hear about Placenta Remedies Network (PRN)?

I first heard about PRN when I was looking for my placenta to be encapsulated, but unfortunately at the time there wasn’t a specialist in Bournemouth or Poole. When I qualified, I knew I wanted Pure Placenta UK to be listed on the website. 

2) What made you want to join PRN, what was the main thing that you were looking forward to?

The two main things were for advertising reasons, getting my business on a platform which is well respected. And secondly, because of the strong network it provides.  It’s amazing to have somewhere for advice and to see other people commenting and asking questions I can relate to with my business. 

Ali Dibbens of Pure Placenta UK, steamed placenta capsules and heart cord keepsake

3) How easy was it for you to join and set up your profile?

I trained with PRISM, an approved provider of placenta remedies training by the Network. They notified me about joining and it was really quick and simple to set up. 

4) How long have you been a member for now?

Around a month. 

5) Have you had anyone contact you through your PRN profile?

I have just received my first enquiry through PRN, exciting times! 

Ali Dibbens of Pure Placenta UK cord keepsake

6) Have you joined the Facebook page, what do you think?

Yes, love the Facebook page and the support it provides. 

7) Have you had a look through the website, what do you think?

The website is really informative for everyone, whether you know about placenta remedies or are looking to be educated. 

8) Do you use any of the paperwork that PRN provides or do you have your own set up?

I already have all mine set up through PRISM.  

9) Are you enrolled with your council? Have you utilised the members section dedicated to EHO approval?

I am waiting for my EHO to visit, due to covid it’s been delayed. 

Ali Dibbens of Pure Placenta UK in PPE

10) What would you like to see from your committee, is there anything that you think PRN are lacking in?

No, I think everything is covered. The only thing I could think of would be more coverage, so more people knew about the Network and how they can find an approved and safe placenta remedy provider.

Ali is a PR|SM trainee and the first to join PRN. PR|SM training includes certificates in food hygiene, infection control, modules of the birth world, one to one practical training and online placenta modules.

Ali covers the Dorset and Southampton area. “I want to be able to provide other local mums in Dorset a safe service which can really help them in those vital initial months, often known as the ‘fourth trimester’. ” 

Ali Dibbens of Pure Placenta UK

Thanks to Ali Dibbens – Pure Placenta UK, Placenta Remedies Specialist for sharing her thoughts.

Find Ali’s Placenta Remedies Network profile here, specialist/alexandra-dibbens |

W: | F: PureplacentaUK | I: pure_placenta_uk |

E: | T: 07508376741  

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