Will placenta capsules boost my milk supply and ward off the ‘baby blues’ and postnatal depression?

What we do know is the hormonal composition of the placenta and the effect these hormones can have on a new mother. Those in highest concentrations are:-

  • Corticotropin (CRH) the body’s natural stress relieving hormone found at its most concentrated in the placenta. When your placenta goes, so does this concentrated stash of this precious hormone.
  • Oxytocin not only for bonding, but also for pain relief, contracting the uterus and facilitating the release of breastmilk.
  • Human Placental Lactogen (hPL) for stimulating mammary gland function
  • Prolactin for stimulating milk production

What we don’t have is any scientific research or evidence-based studies on the effects of new mothers consuming their placenta. Research requires substantial funding and as none of the large corporates with available budget stand to profit from new mothers’ consuming their own placenta, this field of research remains untapped.

What we do have is anecdotal evidence from many new mothers who have reported benefits from consuming their own placenta. See here for feedback from some of the new mothers that PRN members have supported and here for a blog written by a PRN member on the ‘where’s the evidence’ issue.

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