Have any side effects been reported?

All new mothers who engage a PRN member to help them benefit from their placenta are asked to complete a short questionnaire after 6 weeks, which includes a section on reporting any side effects they feel may have been caused by their capsules. It’s not often we receive anything less than super positive feedback (see our Testimonials), but it’s important to tell you if we do.

This list is in order of frequency reported, starting with the most frequently reported side-effect down to the least. The number of times reported is noted in brackets.

  • Mild headache which eased when dosage of placenta capsules reduced (8)
  • Oversupply of milk which eased when dosage of placenta capsules reduced (4)
  • Reduction in milk supply (3)
  • Baby acne/spots on face (2)
  • Rush of energy after taking capsules (2)
  • Feeling a little queasy (1)
  • Feeling spaced out (1)
  • Hot flushes (1)
  • Joint pain when breastfeeding at night (1)

Total 264 respondents from Jan 2017 to October 2018

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