Environmental Health Safety Checks Approved on Placenta Remedies

The Placenta Remedies Network (PRN) was set up to connect and support a thriving network of placenta remedies specialists who passionately believe in the power of the placenta to support new mothers with their physical and mental well-being after birth. As knowledge of the benefits of placenta consumption spreads, the Network continues to expand with new members joining from across the UK and Ireland, as well as from around the world.

In the UK the Placenta Remedies Network is fully committed to working closely with experts in Food Safety – Environmental Health and the Food Standards Agency – as a means of ensuring the safety of clients and Specialists. The Network’s aim is to establish, share and follow best practice at all times and make sure that processes are regularly updated to reflect the most up-to-date food safety knowledge and research available.

Food hygiene rating for placenta remedies specialists. Placenta Remedies Network blog

So far, 25 local authority Environmental Health Officers in the UK have inspected and approved Placenta Remedies Network members and more are set to be inspected imminently. Each visit includes a thorough inspection of premises and paperwork, looking in particular at their extensive Food Safety Management System documentation, which clearly sets out critical control points including temperature controls which satisfy the killing off of all harmful bacteria, including Group B Strep.

Food hygiene temperature check on steaming placenta. Placenta Remedies Network blog.
Temperature checks are performed on each placenta during its preparation for encapsulation to ensure harmful bacteria like Group B Strep are eradicated.

Even before inspection all PRN members, including those working towards approval with their local authority, follow a rigorous Food Safety Management System. Our procedures have been created using the combined knowledge and expertise of Environmental Health Officers and Microbiologists. Click here to read more about the independent research that has been completed on placenta consumption (placentophagy).

Food hygiene certificates. Placenta Remedies Network blog
Strict processes and procedures approved by environmental health in the UK are followed by PRN members, all of whom are highly trained and certified in food safety, hazard analysis and infection control.

Be assured that when you instruct a Specialist who belongs to the Placenta Remedies Network, you are booking a highly trained professional who adheres to a Food Safety Management System that has been approved by Environmental Health Officers in the UK. These processes will be very different to those cases questioning the safety of placenta pills mentioned in recent media reports and, while we may need to be wary of the honesty and fact-checking of certain news outlets, (eg. recent reports from the USA of a baby becoming infected with Group B Strep through its mother’s breast milk whilst she was consuming her dried placenta capsules were factually incorrect, as the mother’s breast milk tested negative and the source of the baby’s infection was never confirmed), we can trust Environmental Health and the Food Standards Agency to do their job with the utmost certainty.


Written by Kimberley Knight, PRN Co-Chair and Placenta Remedies Specialist based in Hampshire, UK. To find out more about Kimberley, visit her website www.placentamamas.co.uk or see more on Facebook @placentamamas or on Instagram @placentamamas

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