Code of Conduct

A Placenta Remedies Specialist who is a member of Placenta Remedies Network (PRN) 

  • Offers practical support and advice to the parent and/or partner to make their own choices with regards to placenta services.
  • Works to maintain the highest level of placenta services possible.  Adhering to all infection control and food hygiene standards required by law in the country of residence.
  • Does not provide any other professional service, information or advice that has a) not been requested by the client or b) goes beyond their level of expertise.
  • Will recommend clients taking medication for existing conditions that may be present in the placenta post birth to consult with their medical specialist as to whether it is safe for their placenta to be consumed.
  • Will accurately represent their placenta remedies training and ensure infection control, hazard analysis (HACCP) and food hygiene certification are always up-to-date and visible on the PRN website.
  • Will be honest and show integrity and respect at all times towards their clients, PRN colleagues and other professionals.
  • Will not discuss personal and confidential information which has been disclosed on Booking Forms or Feedback Forms, without the express permission of those clients, except for the purposes of data analysis recording by PRN.
  • Is recommended to keep client information, bookings and process records for a period of at least five years, ensuring full compliancy with GDPR regulations.
  • Is recommended to have a signed Booking Form with their clients.  Email signature is acceptable.
  • Will ensure their clients have the opportunity to take part in the PRN Client Survey and will provide PRN with statistical information on request.
  • Will strive to develop and maintain positive work relationships within the placenta community and will observe PRNs Social Media & Forum Guidelines and Equality & Diversity Policy.
  • Is responsible for maintaining and enhancing their skills by updating placenta processing methods in line with current recommendations and their Food Safety Management System.
  • Will strive to attend PRN annual general meetings and contribute whenever possible to the running of the network as schedules and other commitments allow.
  • Is aware that whilst PRN is able to give emotional and some practical support to members, it is unable to provide legal protection or insurance.

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