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Placenta Remedies Network is a UK based International network of certified Placenta Remedies Specialists dedicated to supporting new mothers wishing to benefit from their placentas in their post-birth recovery.

Set up as a not-for-profit organisation, PRN is run by its members for the support of its members and the families they serve in their communities. Our aim in this as yet unregulated field is to set, share and follow best practice based on the ever-changing regulatory landscape. A PRN member will be fully informed at all times and will implement new/revised processes as they occur.

PRN members have collectively supported over 5,000 mothers to consume their placentas in the UK alone.

About PRN Members

The Placenta Remedies Network is made up of dedicated professionals, many of whom support emerging families in their local birth community as midwives, doulas, ante-natal teachers, hypnobirthing practitioners, therapists, herbal professionals, acupuncturists and homeopaths.

All members listed on the PRN website are certified with an approved training provider and hold all relevant health and safety certifications. All members are highly trained and agree to the PRN Code of Conduct to ensure safe and professional placenta support services and information are provided.

PRN Members are:

  • Trained and Certified, highly skilled in practical and theoretical knowledge about the placenta, placenta encapsulation and other remedies. Certificates include Accredited Training Provider, Food Hygiene, Infection Control and Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points. Many members hold midwifery degrees and/or other diplomas in birth studies.
  • Trusted by many midwives, NHS and Private hospitals and health practitioners who are recommending their patients to research placenta remedies every day.
  • Held by a Code of Conduct written to protect both the Client and the Specialist ensuring safe and quality advice and information is offered to every Client.
  • Fully informed at all times of the ever-changing regulatory landscape, ensuring best practice is served.
  • Women and Mother focused on Client Care ensuring every client receives factual and understandable information. Our Members are sympathetic and understanding of each Client’s personal situation and aim to be flexible where possible to ensure our placenta advice, information and support is simple and stress-free.

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