Placenta Remedies Network is a not-for-profit UK based International network of Placenta Remedy Specialists, dedicated to supporting new mothers wishing to benefit from their placentas to boost their natural postnatal recovery.

The time with your baby after the birth is so important and to go through it feeling great and without feeling too exhausted and over-emotional makes everything else so much easier...
...within 1 hour of taking the capsules I had so much milk he couldn't drink it all.

Guildford mum of two on placenta encapsulation

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Placenta remedies

Overflowing breastmilk & Setting up the Network

In Part II to coincide with the retirement of the founder of Placenta Remedies Network, Sally shares a story of how the benefits of a placenta remedy could not be ignored, the purpose of setting up the Placenta Remedies Network and why now is the right time for her to retire.

Sally Cropper of DoulaCare, Founder of Placenta Remedies Network

The Early Days of Placenta Remedies for Network Founder Sally Cropper

The last ten years in the UK have seen a dramatic change in perception of placenta remedies. This is due, in no small part to the pioneering work of the Placenta Remedies Network and its Founder, Sally Cropper.

Placenta Remedies Network has launched its ECO Friendly Member Scheme - burning earth image

Our Beautiful Planet is Burning – what’s to be done about it?

Placenta Remedies Network has launched an ECO Friendly Member Scheme which has identified measures we can adopt to run our businesses in a more environmentally friendly way.


The Mark of Placenta Remedies Excellence

Read any media stories about how potentially unsafe it could be to consume your placenta lately? Dried placenta capsules testing positive for Group B Strep bacteria? Or have you heard any other scare-mongering tales? Well, it’s not all total nonsense, as these are possible, if sub-standard preparation techniques are used in handling, storing, transporting and … Read more

Food hygiene rating for placenta remedies specialists. Placenta Remedies Network blog

Environmental Health Safety Checks Approved on Placenta Remedies

The Placenta Remedies Network (PRN) was set up to connect and support a thriving network of placenta remedies specialists who passionately believe in the power of the placenta to support new mothers with their physical and mental well-being after birth. As knowledge of the benefits of placenta consumption spreads, the Network continues to expand with … Read more

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