Placenta Remedies Network is a not-for-profit UK based International network of Placenta Remedy Specialists, dedicated to supporting new families wishing to benefit from their placentas to boost their natural postnatal recovery.

The time with your baby after the birth is so important and to go through it feeling great and without feeling too exhausted and over-emotional makes everything else so much easier...
...within 1 hour of taking the capsules I had so much milk he couldn't drink it all.

Guildford mum of two on placenta encapsulation

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World Doula Week

From March 22 through to March 28 we get to celebrate Doulas and all the wonderful work that they do. We have many Doulas in our network – the job of a Placenta Specialist goes hand in hand with the work of a doula. Here are a handful of ways in which a doula could … Read more

Louise Rostock of Mandala Placenta Encapsulation, Placenta Remedies Network Specialist

Introducing Mandala Birthing

“I love supporting new mothers and birthing parents in a professional and caring manner. I’m Louise, owner of Mandala Birthing in Leicestershire, covering the Midlands area and I’m a Placenta Remedies Specialist.”

Placenta Remedies Businesses to be Regulated in the UK

Good things come to those who wait. And, I would add, to those who persevere. The last 6.5 years of information gathering by placenta service providers for discussion and deliberation by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) on where products containing human placenta sit within Food Law and its governing bodies pays testament to this. The … Read more

Plus Size Pregnancy

Navigating Plus Size Pregnancy When you’re plus size and pregnant, your experience in becoming a parent may look and feel very different than others who aren’t living in a bigger body. As a fat mom of five, I’ve been there, done that and learned along the way.  Below are three unique aspects of plus size … Read more

Ali Pure Placenta Bournemouth

Meet our new member, Ali of Pure Placenta UK

Welcome to a new member of the Placenta Remedies Network, Ali Dibbens. Ali, based in Bournemouth, runs Pure Placenta UK and specialises in offering placenta remedies after birth.

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